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Vibration Analysis

Vibration Institute of Australia offers Mobius Certified Category I, II, III and IV Vibration Analyst online training courses that complies with  ISO 18436 standard.  The training is delivered by means of internet-based, online self-study learning courses. The online training provides the same in-depth training that VIA deliver in our classroom courses, using the very same compelling 3D animations and vibration analysis simulators that make complex concepts more understandable and delivered in a way that the training is more memorable than other provider’s training. You study on your own time, repeat lessons if needed, and optionally at the end of your course, you can take the certification examination to achieve your certification to ISO 18436. So attending a course becomes easy, and you can save travel cost and time away from your home and family.

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NEW Field Lubrication

Vibration Institute of Australia offers Field Lubrication Category I [FLCAT-I) online self-study training course. We offer a lubrication course that is inclusive of Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA I) and Machinery Lubrication Technician (MLT I) topics as well as additional educational content.  Learn the Mobius way: through unique animations and simulators. The training will make all the complex science easy to understand – it will all become second nature.

Once you complete the training, you can take the exam with confidence through Mobius Institute Board of Certification [MIBoC]™, an internationally respected certification body, knowing that the certification is in accordance with ISO 18436-4, ISO/IEC 17024.

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Asset Reliability Practitioner

The Asset Reliability Practitioner: Advocate [ARP A] course is intended for senior management, maintenance and operations/production management, engineers, junior reliability engineers, and condition monitoring professionals who need to understand the “big picture” of the reliability and performance improvement process.

The Asset Reliability Practitioner: Reliability Engineer (ARP E) course is intended for industrial reliability engineers charged with helping the organization improve reliability and performance, and for anyone else in the organization who desires to have an in-depth knowledge of the reliability and performance improvement process. The role of reliability engineer has a critically important but challenging role. In most organizations there are almost infinite opportunities for improvement, but understanding what to change and how to change it is difficult. This course teaches you that analysis is not enough, and how the reliability engineer can drive the actions necessary to realize change.

The Asset Reliability Practitioner: Reliability Leader (ARP L) course is intended for those who have taken the lead role in the reliability and performance improvement program. Great responsibility comes with this great opportunity, and the aim of this course is to set you up for success.

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Ultrasound personnel certified to Category I (UCAT 1) will have a good understanding of the fundamentals of ultrasound. They are able to apply a specific ultrasound measurement technique, set up and operate ultrasound equipment for safe data collection, and verify the integrity of collected data. They are also able to perform basic fault detection, severity assessment, and diagnosis in accordance with established procedures. Additionally, they can maintain a database of results and trends, verify the sensitivity of measurement instruments, evaluate test results, and prevent or control factors that result in the acquisition of poor quality data.

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Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography Category 1 (IRTCAT1) will prepare you for life as an infrared thermographer. You will learn the fundamentals of infrared energy and the camera, and you will learn about the most common applications. You will understand the ‘science’ of infrared thermography, you will understand how the camera functions (and thus how to collect good data the first time), learn about the mechanical and electrical failure modes of plant equipment so that you can accurately and confidently detect and diagnose a wide range of fault conditions. You will come away from the course with the knowledge and confidence to be successful as an infrared thermographer.

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