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I’d like to take this chance to say that I found the Mobius Institute Vibration II course to be the most beneficial course that I have attended to date. The course tied together the concepts of the frequency domain, time domain and phase extremely well. The simulators gave a very clear visual understanding of the concepts.”

—Keith Elson, CM Technician, Alcan Gove

All About the Vibration Institute of Australia (VIA)

VIA is accredited by and utilises the internationally recognised Mobius Institute training materials. VIA was established in 2003 after Clyde Volpe moved from the Vibration Institute of South Africa to establish Vibration and Reliability training in Australia. VIA now runs more courses worldwide and trains more people than any other training institute in the field.

VIA has educated over 10,000 people for over 500 different companies. Some notable companies in the Aus/NZ region include:

  • RIO Tinto
  • BHP Billiton
  • Fonterra
  • Australian Paper

Clyde Volpe

Clyde Volpe started his career when Condition Monitoring was the methodology being applied, however he was the influence and still is the leading role player in changing Condition Monitoring to Reliability Improvement. His focus is to change the ways companies think about Condition Monitoring.
It has been proven that Condition Monitoring does not improve Reliability. Instead by re-organising the Condition Monitoring Departments, changing its focus and applying vibration analysis, oil analysis and other technologies from reliability standpoint will industries see improved reliability which results in improved availability.

Clyde Volpe is the chosen training provider for most large companies in Australia and many other companies worldwide, i.e. Rio Tinto, BHP, Newcrest Mining, Newmont Mining, Australia Paper, CSR Sugar Mills, Fonterra Dairies, Alcoa Aluminium, Statoil, Flowserve, and many others.

With his extensive experience in this field, Clyde Volpe has developed further Non-ISO courses that allow for quicker learning of vibration analysis. These courses are designed
for Reliability Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and people interested in learning more about this field without needing certification. These non-ISO courses are often conducted in-house as they allow for flexibility in the subject matter and maximise the content to suit the client’s needs.

Clyde Volpe has also developed a 2 day course called “Evolving Condition Monitoring to Reliability Maintenance” designed for management, this course is intended to pioneer the path of changing CM departments to Reliability departments.

We have brought Clyde Volpe all the way up to Norway once per year for more than 10 years now, to perform vibration training. Clyde is definitely among the top trainers – worldwide. Extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor.
— Tommy Glesnes, CM Director at Karsten Moholt AS.

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